Loan Schemes

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General Instructions regarding all types of Loans

1.For all the loans mentioned below, the aspirant must be a women
   between the age of 18-55yrs.
2.Any Income Generating project is eligible for Loan.
3.In case of all Loan Schemes (except New swarnima), Income should be
  below Rs.81,000/-per annum in rural area and below Rs. 103000/- per
  annum in urban area.
4.In case of New Swarnima Loan scheme, income should be below
   Rs.20,000/- per annum in rural area and below Rs.27,000/- per annum
   in urban area.
5.The performa for the Salary Certificate will be available from KSWDC's
6.The application fee is as under:-
    a) Individual Loan        - Rs. 10/-
    b) For NGO               - Rs. 100/-
    c) Educational Loan     - Rs. 25/-

7.Risk Fund would be maintained for all the Loans. The structure of Risk
   fund is as under:
    (i)upto Rs. 50,000/-                                                   - Rs. 250/-
    (ii)upto Rs. 1,00,000/-                                                - Rs. 500/-
    (iii)upto Rs. 1,50,000/-                                               - Rs. 1000/-
    (iv)Between Rs. 1,50,000 to Rs. 2,50,000/-                 - Rs. 1500/-
    (v)Between Rs. 2,50,000/- to Rs. 3,50,000/-                - Rs. 2000/-
    (vi) Between Rs. 3,50,000/- to Rs. 5,00,000/-              - Rs. 2500/-

8.Legal Fees of Rs. 500/- will be charged in case of Deed/Security.
9.12% penal Interest will be charged from the Defaulters.
10.In case of NGO Collateral Security or equivalent Bank Guarantee
     should be submitted.

Collateral Security:
(i)It shall be immovable property of NGO that would be  considered.(ii)Valuation of property shall be made by the official authority of
(iii)Value of property shall cover the entire liability of loan amount.
(iv)All the collateral security should be pledged to the corporation.

11.Educational Loans can be obtained only for acquiring professional
    courses. While seeking loan all the details of the Professional Course
    applying for, should be submitted.
12.In case of Deed, documents to be produced are: Original Title
     Deed(FromRegistrar Office), Prior Deed(From Registrar Office),
     Possession Certificate(From Village Office), Location Certificate (From
     Village Office), Tax Receipt(From Village Office), Encumberrance
     Certificate (From Registrar Office) and Valuation Certificate (From
     Village Office).



Christians, Parsis, Muslim, Sikhs, Buddhists 


Backward Classes such as Chakkala, Chetties, Dheevara, Ezhavas, Ezhavathi, Ezhuthachan, Ganika, Viswakarmas, Hindu Nadars, Velaans, Vaniya, Vaniar, Vakkaliga, yogeeswara, Veluthedathu Nair, Vilakkithala Nair, Yadavas


Scheduled Caste