Sandesh is the first-of-its-kind network where a 1000 plus member entrepreneurs’ network will be set up in all the 1000 plus local bodies of Kerala. Sandesh centres will showcase and implement high-impact interventions that can positively influence the society and improve the quality of the lives of the people in the area. Sandesh is conceived as a completely entrepreneur-driven venture, supported by the government of Kerala. Innovative companies can use Sandesh as their platform to reach to the grassroots. Sandesh entrepreneurs will be focussing to bring in innovative solutions against the pressing challenges of the society, specifically in areas such as agriculture, health, water, sanitation, forestation, entrepreneurship development and so on. In Kerala, Sandesh Centres at the grassroots is conceived as a two-member entrepreneur model, where the lead entrepreneur will be a woman. Eventually, Sandesh is expected to become an economic catalyst to bring in multiplier economic impacts in the society.

Applications are invited from inspired women to be an entrepreneur in the Sandesh network