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She Pad

SHE PAD: Menstrual Hygiene Management

One of the major problems faced by the women in Kerala is the lack of awareness about menstrual hygiene. Maintaining hygiene during menses is important for women’s well-being, mobility and dignity. The topic of menstruation is cloaked in secrecy and negativity; especially in India it is associated with cultural and religious taboos and is therefore often neglected. A gross lack of awareness on menstrual preparedness and management among adolescent girls exists.

‘Sanitary Protection: Every woman’s health right’, a study conducted by A C Nielsen and reviewed and endorsed by the community development organization Plan India, reveals that only 12% of India’s 355 million menstruating women use sanitary napkins. Around 23% of adolescent girls in the age-group 12-18 drop out of school after they begin menstruating because of inadequate menstrual protection like sanitary napkins; those who are in school absent themselves for an average of five days a month.

Sanitary Napkin is a universally needed product for women to ensure hygiene during menstruation periods. Limited access to safe and affordable sanitary products and facilities is believed to be one of the reasons for constrained school attendance, high dropout rates and ill-health due to infection. The availability of affordable high quality sanitary napkins as per their needs and preferences is a blessing to address menstrual hygiene issues and also for maintaining good health condition during the period. Accessibility to affordable sanitary pads in the school premises will be of great blessing for every girl child in our country.

It is with this motive that the corporation has initiated the She Pad project for creating awareness on menstrual hygiene and distributing sanitary napkins to girl students of Govt./Aided schools. Additionally the corporation shall also oversee the distribution of napkin vending machines and incinerators to each of the schools covered under the scheme to ensure functionality of the project.

In the pilot phase we plan to implement the project in 112 Govt/Aided Schools in Trivandrum district. After successful completion of pilot implementation, the project will be rolled out to other locations in a phase wise manner and envisages distribution of subsidized high quality sanitary napkins to the 16 lakh adolescent girl children of 7000 schools across 14 districts in Kerala.

She Notes

SHE NOTES: Her Education, Our Responsibility

Despite Kerala being a leader in educating the girl child, the state is yet to fulfil its dream of helping the girl child tap her potential fully. Primary enrolment of girls has been a success story in Kerala. Compared to other states, the drop-out rate of girl students in higher classes are also low in the state. But real life stories show that there are families still struggling to meet the financial requirement to buy notebooks for their children. Moreover, the market price of notebooks has been soaring, making it unable for students to purchase good quality notebooks.

With this issue in mind the Kerala State Women’s Development Corporation has initiated a project for distribution of note books towards supporting education for the girl child. The main objective of the “She Note books” project is the free distribution of superior quality notebooks for the girl students from 6thStd to 12thStd studying in all the Government, Aided and Unaided schools across Kerala so that every child has equal facilities to obtain knowledge.

To ensure sustainability of the project we are looking at raising funds through the CSR wings of various corporate companies, charging for the advertisement that can be printed on the notebooks, MLA funds and other Government funds under various schemes.


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