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For the first time in Capital city, Kerala State Women’s Development Corporation in association with Metro Manorama, conducted a ‘She Walkathon’ on 8th March 2014 at 6.30 am at Kanakakunnu Palace, in connection with International Women’s day celebration 2014. The chief guests of the program were Smt. Bhanwari Devi and her advocate Smt. Kavitha Srivastava from Rajasthan who flagged off the Walkathon. The endeavor was to achieve a mark among women and to spread the message of women protection.
Several Govt and Semi Govt bodies, together with corporates and educational institutions of Trivandrum, came together and participated in this joyful celebration of womanhood for inspiring change and empowerment of women. More than 4000 women participated in the event, got on the road and walked 3 kms . This made the walkathon an auspicious, cheerful event and displayed the indomitable spirit to uplift women as a force towards economic empowerment and self-growth. The event was a true expression of KSWDC’s slogan “She Transcends





Sandesh is the first-of-its-kind network where a 1000 plus member entrepreneurs’ network will be set up in all the 1000 plus local bodies of Kerala. Sandesh centres will showcase and implement high-impact interventions that can positively influence the society and improve the quality of the lives of the people in the area. Sandesh is conceived as a completely entrepreneur-driven venture, supported by the government of Kerala. Innovative companies can use Sandesh as their platform to reach to the grassroots. Sandesh entrepreneurs will be focussing to bring in innovative solutions against the pressing challenges of the society, specifically in areas such as agriculture, health, water, sanitation, forestation, entrepreneurship development and so on. In Kerala, Sandesh Centres at the grassroots is conceived as a two-member entrepreneur model, where the lead entrepreneur will be a woman. Eventually, Sandesh is expected to become an economic catalyst to bring in multiplier economic impacts in the society.


Today, we are faced with a number of challenges which can be a threat to the existence of mankind. All our free spaces amidst the concrete jungles are heaped up with solid wastes. We don’t have safe drinking water. The air we breathe in is highly polluted. We are struggling to bring in sustainable agricultural practices. Energy resources are fast depleting. Besides, the educated youth of India are forced to leave their hometowns in search of a livelihood elsewhere. Why not turn these problems into opportunities. Implementing unique, innovative solutions can solve most of these problems and get India ahead of other developed nations. Sandesh is the timely solution that can address the challenges today’s world is facing. Sandesh works on environment-friendy, sustainable innovations and technology. Let’s spread the ‘Sandesh of Development’.
This project proposes to set up a network of social entrepreneurs to address such issues and work for the development of Kerala by initiating a series of breakthrough solutions.

Water crisis:

It is said that the third World War will be fought over water. We are in the dire need to conserve water. It is a fact that our water-rich State is even behind parched Rajasthan in per capita availability of drinking water. Scarcity of water is one thing, contamination and pollution is another problem altogether. So is the big challenge: How do we efficiently preserve and treat our water, we know that we need different and new solutions to these problems.

Food crisis:

Kerala buys 80% of its food products from other states. The fruits and vegetables we consume today are ridden with pesticides. We know we have less land holdings, and are struggling to meet the food demand of the population. It’s time we turned to hi-tech farming solutions and not depend on the pesticide poisoned fruits and vegetables bought in from other places. Technology, precision-farming, smart farming and so on can help us start the next-generation agriculture revolution.


Urbanisation and population density has led to the depletion of forest lands in Kerala. This has affected our ecosystem endangering the flora and fauna of the State. Are we turning a blind eye to the fact that climate change and water crisis are all caused by such human activities? Shouldn’t we turn to solutions that can reforest and rehabilitate the flora and fauna and hence our society?


Today, 23% of Kerala’s population is diabetic. Every day 3000 people are diagnosed with diabetes. Fifty thousand Keralites are diagnosed with cancer each year. More than 10% of India’s total drug sales is in Kerala. We have come to a point where we have to seriously think about preventing illnesses than treating them.


Kerala is still dependent on water to generate electricity. We have not ventured into other energy options such as wind, biomass, solar and so on. Kerala needs to seriously move into such alternatives.

Food style:

The changing lifestyle has led us to consume junk and fast food without thinking about its adverse effects on health. Cooking and eating healthy food, cultivating without pesticides and so on are not even on our minds. We are playing victims of modern-day lifestyles and not attempting to solve anything.

Safety and security:

We need to make our society safer. We call this the era of technology with technology at our finger tips. Lot to do in terms of ensuring safety and security of our dear ones and our belongings. The technology that we use now is only the tip of the iceberg. We have miles to cover in this area.



  1. Promote unique solutions developed by social enterprises to deal with the pressing developmental challenges
  2. To work as an economic catalyst by setting up new age micro enterprises and fostering overall development of the society


Advantages of the Network

  • The most empowered project implementation network in Kerala
  • Implementation of socially relevant development initiatives from the grass roots level
  • Innovators can leverage this network to take their solutions to grass roots
  • Scope for bringing in many high-impact interventions through this network
  • Local body level enterprises will get umpteen products to bring about a number of sustainable income-models
  • Individuals will be trained through an entrepreneurship training programme developed and implemented by IIM A and IL&FS and issued certificates
  • Government and local bodies can use the network for implementing many of their programmes and services
  • Massive employment generation: eventually the Centre become a hub to set up more micro-enterprises, launching new products and services and offering course programmes that will build the skill and capacity of people around